Kindness at School

The new B.C. Curriculum describes the core competencies as, “sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiency that all students need to develop in order to engage in deep learning and life-long learning.” The curriculum places the core competencies at the pinnacle of student learning. This formally acknowledged what good educators have always known. Social Emotional Learning is an important area of learning for all children. It is why most children still receive their education in schools alongside other students. We have to educate the whole child.

The Kindness Counts @ School program addresses aspects of all three of the core competencies; Communication, Thinking and Personal and Social. The strongest alignment is to the Personal and Social Competency. The lessons also deal with big ideas like courage, compassion, respect, gratitude, integrity, self-awareness, generosity, inclusion and optimism. The students, through listening, reading, critical thinking, discussing, collaboration, writing, speaking, planning and applying will develop a deeper, richer understanding of the concepts above. Students will develop their ‘EQ’ alongside their ‘IQ’ as they develop their core competencies through understanding, practice and application. These lessons accomplish much of what the new Curriculum is intending to focus on. The Kindness Counts @ School program is more strongly aligned to the new curriculum than it was to the previous curriculum.

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Nadine Marshall Scholarship

This scholarship has been established to honour the initiative, commitment, enthusiasm and example of Nadine Marshall, co-founder of The KindActs Association of B.C., recently renamed The Kindness Foundation of Canada. Nadine’s unwavering belief in the power of kindness as an agent for positive change in our world has sustained her and allowed her ideas to develop into programs and KindActs to grow and evolve. Most importantly this belief, embodied in her daily walk through life, is a powerful example, and source of motivation for all that have had the pleasure to know her.

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